Windows 7 Audio Settings

To complement the post on setting up Mumble, here is a quick post on how to configure your Windows 7 recording settings.

Note:  You can adjust these at the same time you’re going through the Audio Wizard so you can see the impact.   I would strongly recommend doing it as you go through the Volume Tuning and Activity Detection phases.

Start by clicking on Start>Control Panel and then selecting the Hardware and Sound category.

Windows 7 Control Panel - Hardwre and Sound

Within this Control Panel setting you’ll find the Sound category.  Click Manage Audio Devices (all the way to the right).

Windows 7 Audio Settings

Click on the Recording tab.

Click your microphone and then press the Properties button in the lower right hand corner.

Windows 7 Audio Properties - Recording Tab

On the Properties screen, there is a Custom tab.   Click it.  Turn on Microphone Boost.

Windows 7 Audio Control Panel  - Custom Setting

Click the Levels tab.

Here you can play with your mic sensitivity.   While between 40 and 50 works fine for me, you can jack it all the way up to 100.

Windows 7 Audio Settings - Levels

Once configured, press Apply and OK.  And voila, you’re done.


One Response to Windows 7 Audio Settings

  1. Cldnails says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. You did a how-to for ‘Windows’?

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